Film Background

With the rise of corporate industrial agriculture and the prevalence of imported food in the U.S. and around the world, for many the idea of community-based food systems has all but disappeared. Yet on California’s rugged North Coast, as in many places around the country, communities are hard at work reviving and revitalizing local agricultural traditions and economies.

‘Locally Grown, America's Food Revolution’ is a film about agricultural subsistence and resistance, about food justice and food sovereignty, about good food and good work. Situated in Humboldt County, amid the towering redwoods and salty ocean waves, the film highlights agri-food feats from the revival of indigenous fishing techniques and the re-establishment of historic grains to cutting-edge hydroponic technologies and innovative ways to connect local farmers with food-insecure families. Linking the past, present, and future, these stories can serve as a model and inspiration for communities across the country striving to re-invigorate healthy, inclusive community-based food systems, empowering residents to share in, take ownership of, and defend this important work. For the dedicated producers and consumers working collaboratively in this renaissance, a healthy food system should be ecologically sustainable, economically beneficial, and accessible to all, reconnecting us with nature and with each other.



Suzanne Simpson, Co-Executive Producer

“Awakening to the possibilities that we can all make positive changes in our food system, gave me this opportunity to bring a wonderful team together to make the film, “Locally Grown,” and to share the inspiration and knowledge that makes this possible for all”.


David Scheerer, Director, Co-Executive Producer

I’m honored to document the frontlines of Humboldt’s quiet revolution where committed people are reviving our rural economy, creating equitable access to food for all and preserving the environment through the simple act of changing how we grow healthy, clean food in our local foodshed.


Will Goldenberg, Cinematographer

Will is a Humboldt County based cinematographer specializing in science and natural history filmmaking.  He freelances as a director of photography, operates a media production company and teaches film studies at Humboldt State University.


Michelle,  Film Editor

Michelle graduated from Humboldt State's Film program in 2012.  Since graduating, she has worked in an editing capacity on mainly documentary endeavors, including multiple state and National Parks projects promoting environmental stewardship. As a member of a health and ecologically-conscious community here in Humboldt County, Food Sovereignty's message is very close to her heart.


Dr. Corey Lee Lewis, Film Writer,

Dr. Corey Lewis is a former tenured professor at Humboldt State University and author of several books on the environment, education and personal growth. He is owner of MindBody Mastery personal and professional development coaching and founder of several non-profits dedicated to personal and community development.

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Laura Johnson, Field Guide Co-Author,

Laura is a human geographer, teacher, freelance writer, local food enthusiast, and gardener. She received her PhD in 2016 from the Department of Geography at Michigan State University. She also holds an MA in International Studies and a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is currently a multidisciplinary lecturer and advisor in departments of Sociology and Environmental Studies at Humboldt State University.


Noah Zerbe, Field Guide Co-Author,

Noah Zerbe is Professor of Politics at Humboldt State University. His research and teaching interests examine the material and ideational relations that surround the production and consumption of food. His work has focused on the question of regulatory food politics and of the debates that have surrounded agricultural biotechnology, the financialization of food, and alternative food systems.


Dr. Joshua J. Frye, Field Guide Co-Author,

Dr. Joshua Frye is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Humboldt State University who has a long history of working on transforming food systems and building community. Josh has traveled, taught, conducted and presented research extensively in the U.S., Latin America, and Asia, most recently at the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome. His research interests focus primarily on strategic political and environmental communication with regard to critiquing public policy, cultural change agency, social movement advocacy, and innovative organizational forms and leadership. 


Jen Maguire, Field Guide Co-Author,

Jen Maguire serves as Assistant Professor of Social Work at Humboldt State University. She is a scholar and an advocate who partners with innovative leaders, researchers, educators, and policy champions to tackle the complicated job of building bridges to healthy food for all people. 


May Patiño, Field Guide Co-Author,

May Patiño, M.A. is a nutritional anthropologist, foods system specialist, and nutrition and wellness consultant. She works at Humboldt State University as a lecturer in Anthropology, Co-Director of the Biological Anthropology Research Center, and Coordinator for the Humboldt Food Policy Council.

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Michael S. Bruner, Ph.D., Field Guide Co-Author

Michael S. Bruner, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Communication at Humboldt State University. He specializes in Applied Communication, Food Studies, and Communication & Culture.  His passion is for mentoring undergraduates. Son of a truck driver Father and German immigrant Mother, Michael has lived and worked all over the United States and in Europe.  He is comfortable in many settings, especially in small towns where people can make a difference.


Lauren Sarabia, Photographer, Videographer

A founding member of Locally Delicious, Lauren’s involvement in the local food revolution has changed her life in many ways. Owner and lead chef in her catering business, Comfort of Home Catering, Lauren tries her best to be conscience and adamant about creating relationships and buying from local farmers, ranchers and food proveyers in Humboldt County. Using locally grown foods also means preparing foods from a seasonal perspective and teaching her clients about the benefits of local food as well. When not in the kitchen she can be found in her garden, traveling, swimming in the lagoons or spending time with her family and friends.


Locally Delicious, Inc.

Suzanne Simpson, Ann Anderson, Martha Haynes, Lauren Sarabia, Carol Mone, Eddie Jessup, and Pat Bitton

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Lewis Litzky, CPA

Change begins at the local level.  "Locally Grown" is a positive message for rural communities. 


Justine Cook, Website Designer,

Justine is a co-founder at IgNova Design, an interaction designer and engineer, and an Appropriate Technology (AT) enthusiast with a B.A. in Anthropology. She is passionate about contributing to projects that engage in promoting and supporting the growth of local and sustainable food systems, community engagement, and other healthy outcomes.


Matthew Ahuja, Student Assistant

Matthew Ahuja graduated from Humboldt State University in 2016 with a B.A. in Communication. Currently Matthew is a part-time reporter for a local newspaper in his hometown of Calistoga.


Edward Nolan, Student Assistant

Edward Nolan is a conservation biology student and aspiring landscape architect. His ultimate goal is to make our cities more sustainable. "When I consider that cities became possible only after the advent of agriculture, I think it's natural that we start by modifying our food systems."


Dylan McClure, Student Assistant

Dylan is a Research Assistant on the CSU Food and Housing Security Study. He is a student in the Social Work Department at Humboldt State University. Dylan is committed to policy work that increases the success of underrepresented students, with a specific focus on transgender students.


Jarad Petroske, Publicist,

Jarad is a marketer and publicist who is passionate about food. "I was excited to join the Locally Grown team because I truly believe that ensuring access to healthy and nutritious food is the best way to address most of society's problems."